President's Message

Message from the President & Representative Director

Harnessing the power of information

When driving in unfamiliar territory a map is needed to help reach your destination. In the same way, marketing research is essential to navigate your way to success in Asian markets.

The dynamic Asia region continues to change faster than ever. Marketers cannot look away, even for a few months, without the market evolving into something different and new. People move across borders for education, shopping, medical care and other aspects of daily life. Leveraging traditional research methods enhanced with the latest technology is the only way to keep up with what is current.

INTAGE is a long-time pioneer in the field of marketing research technology, and we bring that cutting-edge technology and expertise to our operations across Asia. Our main focus is not on deciding what information is easy to collect; rather, we devote our resources to determining how to get the information you need to make informed decisions.

We look forward to being your innovative partner in Asia, supporting your business and helping accelerate your strategy across the region.

Junichiro Hasegawa
President & Representative Director

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